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Compact and Powerful

8 strong reasons for FMX Valves | müller co-ax gmbh | Leading Valve Technology

01 High-performance

The technology in the FMX series stands for higher flow rates compared to other valves. Or are you looking for compactness? Our FMX valves occupy just a small installation space, while offering the same speed and quality.

FMX Ventil in Ventilinsel

02 Lightweight

The FMX series impresses with its small and compact size and extremely low weight. With an installation length of 110 mm, the FMX-2 just weighs 0.6 kg, while impressing with an unbeatable Kv value at the same time.

FMX Ventil mit Pilotventil

03 Efficient

Due to the pressure-equalized design, the operating pressure of 16 bar remains unaffected by the control pressure. Hence, only one actuator size is required. The compact design allows a very low control air consumption compared to other valves.

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04 Versatile

By default, all components which are getting in contact with the media are made of stainless steel. Furthermore, high-quality sealing materials are used. The applications encompass media such as air, water, oils, fuels, neutral gases and much more.

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05 Pioneering

The valves of the FMX-series have bi-directional flow. You are able to decide the direction in which your medium should flow, as the FMX valves are back pressure tight up to 25 bar.

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06 Reliable

You have to be able to rely completely on every single component in your system. The FMX series is something you install and will never see again — not because they are so small, but because they are absolutely robust and reliable, and hence have a high life expectancy.

FMX Ventil mit Pilotventil

07 Flexible

As a connection variant, the proven bushing screw thread in accordance with DIN ISO 228-1 is available. Via a smart interface, it is possible to rapidly and straightforwardly integrate single valves into a valve manifold.

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08 Customized

FMX valves are externally operated 2/2-way valves which can be controlled via a 3/2-way pilot valve as well as via a valve terminal. The valves can be flexibly expanded later on with accessories such as mounting brackets and limit switches.

technical data

type FMX-2 FMX-3 FMX-4 FMX-5
orifice DN 10 DN 15 DN 20 DN 25
Kv-value m3/h max. 4.3 10.5 17.0 24.6
weight kg 0.6 1.0 1.5 2.2
pressure range bar 0 – 16 / 0 - 25
back pressure P2 > P1 bar up to 25
body materials 1.4301 / 1.4404 stainless steel
seal materials FPM / PTFE / EPDM / PU / H-ECOPUR
flow directions A B


Welcome to the original

Everything began with a pioneering achievement in 1960: The invention of the first coaxial valve — an innovative solution for dealing with high pressures. Since then, we have been at home in the world of extremes. Extremely innovative. Extremely reliable. Extremely qualitative. With the FMX series, the latest product highlight from müller co-ax, new standards were set for maximum flow rates combined with compact installation sizes.

Outstanding relationship between installation size and flow rate

The FMX series impresses with an extremely high Kv value combined with small installation sizes and low weights. In other words: higher flow rate, smaller space requirements, more optimal efficiency — many advantages compared to other valves of this class. And all this without compromises!